Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Leads Effort to Propel Nottingham's Creative and Digital Sector

Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire is at the forefront of a collaborative endeavour aimed at driving the growth of Nottingham's creative and digital sector. Working alongside a team of industry experts, we are excited to share a vision to revitalize the iconic former Carlton Studios, heralding a new era of innovation and opportunity in Nottingham's creative landscape.

Under the banner of Spin Off Studios, our collective vision is to transform the studios back to their future beauty - a dynamic centre of excellence, poised to meet the evolving needs of the creative and digital industries. Situated on Lenton Lane, Nottingham, the studio complex will be reimagined as a vibrant hub for talent development, collaboration, R&D, and industry growth.

"Our collaboration on this project marks a significant milestone in our efforts to position Nottingham as a leading destination for creative and digital innovation," said Megan Powell-Vreeswijk, Chief Executive at Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. 

"By leveraging Nottingham's rich legacy and diverse talent pool, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem. The activation of the studio will have a direct effect on the local economy - we estimate that the GVA uplift for direct jobs alone will be in the region of £28m. The skills required would extend beyond the sector and would cover everything from green screen and immersive technology, set design, carpentry, electricians, artists, hairdressers and taxi firms. It would increase the demand across the hospitality industry with people needing hotels, restaurants, demand for East Midlands Airport and more.”

The founding members of Spin Off Studios, including Anna Griffin, Emma Smith, Helen Kennedy, and Gianluca Sergi, bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the project. Drawing on years of industry insight and academic research, the team is committed to unlocking Nottingham's full potential as a global powerhouse in the creative and digital realm.

"We have long recognized the strength and future potential of Nottingham's creative and digital sector," noted Helen Kennedy, who is also a professor of creative industries. "With Spin Off Studios, we have a unique opportunity to foster innovation, drive economic growth, and nurture the next generation of talent and technological developments."

The studios, steeped in history and heritage, will once again become a focal point for creativity and innovation. Originally home to national treasures such as Catchphrase, Supermarket Sweep, and Boon, the studios hold immense promise for hosting a wide array of film, television, and digital productions alongside converging activity in gaming, architecture, music and sound, immersive technology and performance.

"Our conversations with local stakeholders and industry leaders have underscored the tremendous potential of this initiative," remarked Emma Smith. "By addressing industry skills requirements and promoting inclusive, accessible, and sustainable practices, this vision will have a transformative impact on Nottingham's creative ecosystem." This isn’t just our passion project, even 7 time Oscar winner Gary Rydstrom said “the resulting facility would have tremendous potential and provide unique learning, research and production training opportunities that will significantly enhance the status of Nottingham University as well as become a potent magnet to entice movie and TV production to the city of Nottingham.”

The project's significance mirrors recognition from government of the value of the industry to the UK’s economy. As Lucy Frazer, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport, observed, the creative and digital sectors are driving economic growth and innovation at an unprecedented pace.

The plans for the studios align closely with the groundbreaking work led by Helen Kennedy at the University of Nottingham’s Virtual Immersive Production (VIP) Studio. By harnessing emerging technologies such as virtual reality and immersive sound, the VIP Studio is pioneering new frontiers in storytelling and production techniques.

"The VIP Studio represents a nexus where creativity meets technology," said Helen Kennedy. "Our goal is to advance collaborative research and experimentation that will shape the future of the creative and digital industries."

As Spin Off Studios takes shape, Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire remains committed to fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable creative ecosystem in Nottingham. Together with our partners, we will continue to champion Nottingham's creative spirit and drive positive change within our communities.




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