Written by Nicolle Ndiweni

As many would have seen in the press, Derby has been shortlisted to be the home of the new HQ for Britain’s railways, but to win this bid, they need everyone to vote for it. Now, we usually are rivals on the football pitch, but when it comes to securing jobs and investment for our region - we back each other all the way. What is unique and powerful about the East Midlands is how each area has its own amazing identity and often different sector strengths that complement each other and make us stronger. Derby have been making trains for over 180 years. As innovators and leaders in this sector, Derby should be home to Great British Rail.

Derby is home to Europe’s largest rail cluster, from operators and R&D, manufacturing, maintenance, testing and technical services. Bringing GBR to the East Midlands would be a huge opportunity for our region and we wholeheartedly support Derby’s bid. I would encourage all businesses and residents to log on to the website and cast their vote before the closing date. This week [10 August], saw a ministerial visit to Derby with MPs from across the region welcoming the Transport Minister, ahead of the final decision being made by the Department for Transport.

Voting takes a few seconds and closes on the 15 August, so we all have a bit more time to vote and share. 

As someone who went to university in Lincoln, works and lived in Nottingham for 20 years and now live in Derby, I have benefited from the many  incredible opportunities the East Midlands has to offer. I am a true believer you can do anything and everything in our amazing region. Our team work hard to contribute and increase that offer, striving to make our city and county better and better, year on year. Unlike the footy, this competition is one that unites us. Winning means residents and businesses from Derby, Nottingham and beyond will have access to more opportunities, economic benefits and the potential to attract even more investment. I have said this before but happy to say it again, locating the Great British Railways headquarters in Derby would be a win for Derby and a win for us all.

Voting to make Derby the home of GBR closes on 15 August. You can vote here.




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