Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Nottingham is full of tasty opportunities. And when it comes to food and drink businesses, we’ve got the skills and facilities to take your business to new heights.

  • Home to purpose built centres of excellence in food production
  • R&D support for blue-chip companies like 2 Sisters Food Group
  • A reputation for excellence in food and brewing science

From research and development for new products and high-volume production to fine local foods and craft brewing, Nottinghamshire marries cultural heritage with new innovations to support the food and drink industry.

The UK’s food and drink manufacturing sector is worth in the region of £91.5 billion and generates over £16 billion in exports to the EU and the rest of the world. So being positioned at the heart of the county, with access to unequalled connectivity by road, rail and air, as well as tapping into the research Nottingham can offer, could help your business excel.

Our reputation for scientific expertise in the food and drink world is well known. Both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University have leading centres in Food Sciences, Brewing Sciences, Plant and Crop Sciences, with strong links to industry through projects in innovation, research and design.

And this expertise is connected to business, with organisations such as the Food & Drink Forum, and the Food & Drink iNet (innovation network) helping businesses to develop their products, processes and competitive advantage.

Nottingham is also home to Southglade Food Park is a custom-built and developed centre for the development of food industry businesses, offering a successful mix of specially-designed development kitchens, food production facilities and expert support.

Our links to technical expertise and specialist facilities help Food and Drink businesses coming here to refine their processes and create responsive, ground-breaking new products.


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Business Expansion Specialist

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Food & Drink


The Environmental Technology Centre at the University of Nottingham have been extremely helpful for us and provided us with a knowledge base which we otherwise would not have access to.


James Underwood

MD of Micro-Mesh