Boots Enterprise Zone

Boots Enterprise Zone

A unique opportunity to locate next to a global wellness and beauty company.

Walgreens Alliance Boots aims to develop the Boots site within the Nottingham Enterprise Zone into a UK centre of excellence for health, beauty and wellness.

The site in total consists of 113 hectares and will offer a cost-effective, high quality, centrally located site for health and wellness businesses such as business incubators, start-ups and small and medium enterprises. As well as existing buildings suitable for redevelopment, the site also includes around 40 hectares of brownfield land suitable for development.

The proposed development of the Boots site is expected to further strengthen its position as a centre for innovation and product development in the health, beauty and wellness sphere, and help to attract new businesses to the Nottingham area. Quality housing could also be built on the Beeston site, helping Greater Nottingham to meet the rising demand for people to live in this well regarded city.


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Boots Enterprise Zone


SHARC Energy quickly identified Nottingham's increasing importance to the energy sector (now being referred to as "The Energy City") - as a key factor in deciding to locate our operations here.


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